Rules for submitting author’s manuscripts to the journal «Vestnik of Russian New University»

The journal is included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions recommended by Higher Attestation Commission for publishing main results of thesis researches. The journal is published 12 times per year and has the following series:

Man in the modern world (ISSN 2414-925X)

  • Psychological sciences;
  • Pedagogical sciences;
  • Philological sciences:


Man and society (ISSN 2414-9276)

  • Juridical sciences;
  • Economic sciences;


Complex systems: models, analysis, management

  • Engineering sciences:
    Informatics, computer engineering and management;
    Radio engineering and communication;
  • Physical and mathematical sciences:


Only materials which comply with the journal’s subject matter and have received a reviewer’s positive conclusion are admitted for publishing. The article is to accord with the journal’s specialization and its columns, it is to be original, it is not to be published before and it must not infringe intellectual property rights of third persons. Time period of publishing an article depends on the series where the article, admitted to be published in the journal, is placed.


1. The article is to contain:

  • UDC – universal decimal classification (see;
  • covering letter (review of the submitted article by Head of Chair, recommendations of the head of the organization, institution);
  • title in the Russian and English languages (placed under the author’s surname);
  • author’s surname and initials in the Russian and English languages (for example: И.И. Иванов, I.I. Ivanov – first, initials, then – the surname);
  • abstract (300-500 printed characters including white-space characters) in the Russian and English languages;
  • key words and terms (up to 250printed characters including white-space characters) in the Russian and English languages;
  • list of reference in the Russian language («Литература»). Lists of reference are to be arranged in accordance with bibliographic requirements (ГОСТ Р 7.0.5-2008 «Bibliographical reference. General requirements and rules of arrangement») in the unified format set by the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library;
  • brief information on the authors including the surname, given name, patronymic name, academic rank, academic title (in full, with abbreviation expansion, for example, кандидат психологических наук – candidate of psychological sciences), position and place of work, contact telephone number, e-mail address. All these data are placed on a separate page.


2. Articles are to be submitted in electronic version on a CD in the MS Word (*.doc) format and in printed version (1 copy). The file’s name should consist of the author’s surname and title of the article. The text is to be typed in Times New Roman, the font size 14. Line spacing – 1.5. Text justification – edgewise; reference links are to be given in round brackets. The text volume is not to exceed 1 author’s sheet (40,000 printed characters including white-space characters), including the reference list, table names and captions. Article should be continuously numbered and contain signatures of all authors on the last page of author’s copy.
In text font can be: bold, bold italics, italics. Examples are recommended to write in italics; headings, subheadings, new definitions and terms in bold.
Not recommended to use:
Such highlights as CAPITAL LETTERS, s p a c i n g and underlining; footers.

3. Images can be included in text file and have continuous numbering. In addition, they must be attached in separate file in (*.tif), (*.psd), (*.jpd) formats with resolution no less than 300 dpi and be black and white. Under-image captures to be put after image link. The same applies to the tables. Text is not go beyond the table’s box. Tables are to be presented in MS Word format.
Unreadable scanned images are not considered.

4. Mach Type program is to be used for formulas; for symbols – Euclid Symbol font.
Times New Roman, Arial fonts are to be used with diagrams.
Diagrams in Excel format are to be sent in separate file with tabular data.
Scanned diagrams, formulas and tables are not accepted.

5. Bibliography is to be given at the end of the article in the order of in text references. References of printed sources are to be given by specifying in brackets the sequence number of the quoted source and page, for example, [2, p. 37], [3−7]. Bibliography is not accepted in the form of footnote descenders references.

6. Text notes are to be in the form of footnotes (no more than 2 lines).

7. Articles are published in author's edition. Authors are entirely responsible for the completeness and accuracy of references cited therein, given facts, statistics, proper names, geographical names and other information, as well as for the use of the content not intended for public media.

8. Ph.D. students are not charged for the publication.
Other publication conditions
Editorial board reserves the right of theme selection, grammatical and stylistic editing of materials received. Viewpoint of authors expressed in articles does not necessarily coincide with a viewpoint of editorial board. Received manuscripts will not be returned.
Authors are responsible for the content of the articles, for the mere fact of their publication, as well as for damage caused to third parties, if someone’s rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics had been violated in publication process.
Author can be denied in publication if:

  • article do not correspond to the above rules;
  • author refused to finalize article as required by reviewer and editorial board;
  • author has not removed errors and shortcomings specified by a reviewer within a given period of time;
  • plagiarism in article exceeds 10%


Final decision concerning material publication is carried out by editorial board.
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